Long Term Rental Info: 

  • One year lease minimum required on most properties.

  • There is a $40.00 charge per adult for credit check and criminal history reports.

  • Normal move in costs are first months rent plus security deposit (equal to 1 months rent).

An Oregon Experience Screening Standards


An Oregon Experience, LLC is an equal opportunity property management company and all qualified applicants will receive consideration without discrimination based on sex, marital status, race, age, creed, national origin or disability(ies).


Our screening process includes credit reports, background and criminal records, contact of previous and current landlords and previous and current employers.

  • Every applicant that is age 18 + must fill out a completed application, including a credit and background check.

  • Government issued picture ID is required.

  • We only screen completed applications, applications that are incomplete cannot be screened and will not be considered.

  • Inaccurate or falsified  information will be grounds for denial.

Screening Criteria:

  • Income equal to 3 times the rent (2.5x rent may be accepted with additional security deposit)

  • Credit Score of 650+ (Lower scores may be accepted with additional security deposit)

  • Three entries or ten years of positive rental history (Those lacking rental history may be accepted with additional security deposit)

  • Criminal History considered based on the criteria outlined below

The "Fine Print"

  • Income Standard:

    • Total household income equal to 3 times the rent. All income must be legal and verifiable. If any tenant in the unit vacates, the remaining applicants must still meet this requirement.  Income between 2.5 and 3 times the rent may be considered with an additional deposit in otherwise qualified applicants.

    • Proof of income must be provided by each applicant.  This may include

      • Direct employer verification

      • Two months worth of paystubs (most recent)

      • Three months of most recent bank statements

      • Proof of alimony/child support

      • Retirement/pension/investment accounts

      • Social Security/Disability payment

      • Other legal verifiable income

    • Self employed applicants must provide last two years of federal and state tax returns.

  • Credit Standard:

    • Applicants must have credit scores of 650+. Applicants with lower scores and otherwise strong applications may be considered with additional security deposit.

    • The following may result in application being denied:

      • A bankruptcy in the past seven years.

      • Collections accounts reported in the last two years or with large total balances.

      • Any unpaid prior landlord debt in the last ten year.

    • Substantial debt may be cause for denial.

  • Rental History Standard

    • Three entries or ten years of recent, favorable rental history. Any of the following may result in an application being denied:

      • Any negative landlord reports 

      • Any evictions in the last 5 years

      • Any unpaid prior landlord debt in the last ten years

      • Homeowner foreclosure in the last three years.

    • Applicants with less than three years of recent, favorable rental history may be considered with an additional deposit for otherwise strong applications

  • Criminal History

    • A conviction, guilty plea or plea of no contest to any of the following offenses will be grounds for denial of your rental application:

      • Any felony involving murder, attempted murder, injury, kidnapping, arson, rape, any sex crimes, extensive property damage, felony burglary or robbery at any time will result in denial.

      • Any felony not listed above, including but not limited to those involving manslaughter, assault, theft or fraud, where the date of disposition, release or probation has occurred in the last seven years will result in denial.

    • Any misdemeanor or deferrals involving theft, assault, intimidation, harassment, prostitution, drug related crimes, or property damage which have occurred in the last five years will be considered, and may require an additional security deposit.

    • Any misdemeanor or deferrals not listed above, including but not limited to those involving criminal trespass, harassment, physical abuse (including restraining order), shop lifting, DUI, prostitution or other similar crimes in the last three years will be considered and may require an additional security deposit.

  • Appeal Process

    • If your application has been denied and you feel that there are extenuating circumstances related to the reasons for your denial, you should do the following;

      • Correct any misinformation on your personal history, credit or criminal record with the appropriate agencies.

      • State your reasons for further review/appeal in writing to An Oregon Experience, LLC. 8380 SW Fanno Creek Drive, Tigard, OR 97224 or email Info@anoregonexperience.com within 48 hours of denial.

        • In this letter you will need to include:

          • Explanation of why you believe your application should be re-viewed

          • Proof of the misinformation

          • The request must be signed by you (applicant) Applicant hereby certifies the above information as well as the information provided on your application(s) is true and correct and authorizes the landlord/agent to make any and all inquiries necessary to evaluate this application.

Application Process

  • Email info@anoregonexperience.com, or fill out the interest form at www.anoregonexperience.com

  • Receive online application link from An Oregon Experience, LLC. 

  • Fill out online application. 

  • Attend a scheduled open house showing.

  • Applications are processed one at a time on a first come first serve basis.  Only complete applications will be processed. 

  • We do not run credit and background checks until we are processing your application, so we recommend you skip this section of the application until we are processing your application. 

  • Approved Applications are given 24 hours to sign a lease and submit payment to hold the home.

  • AOE will hold a home up to 2 weeks after an application is approved.

Pet Policy

  • Pets are allowed in some of our homes.  If you are not sure if they are allowed in a home you are interested in, contact An Oregon Experience, LLC. 

  • All pets are screened using www.petscreening.com.

  • Additional rent of $10 - $80 per pet is charged depending on pet screening.

  • There is an additional half month rent in extra security deposit per pet.