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Hiring a Property Manager: Part 1

What questions should you ask a potential property manager?

Whether you’re a homeowner with one home that you have decided to rent out, or an investor adding homes to your portfolio, you might be thinking about hiring a professional property manager.

Make sure you are asking a potential property manager the right questions, so you get all the information you need to make a great decision.

Happy New Year! And welcome to the Property Management Blog at An Oregon Experience. We hope this can be a resource for home owners and investors to learn more about property management, our company, and what it means to have "An Oregon Experience."

With a new year comes new goals, and more items on your to do list. Do you have "Find an Oregon Property Manager" on your list? Are you looking for a property manager for the first time, or looking to replace a company that just isn't a great fit? Either way this is a task that that can feel a little daunting for a home owner.

Where do you start?

What questions should you ask a potential property manager?

This series of blog posts will address some of the important questions you need to ask, so you can hire a property manager you trust, and feel informed about their policies. And we will let you know how the team at An Oregon Experience, LLC answers these questions too!

What are some questions you ask when hiring a property manager?


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