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Full Service Property Management

Let An Oregon Experience take the stress away from managing your rental home.  From start to finish we will manage your property with hands on service tailored to your needs for you and our tenants.

Service Includes:

  • Tenant Placement - We carefully screen tenant applications and take care to find responsible, well qualified renters. 

  • Marketing - Marketing of available properties using the right online and local resources

  • Collection and Accounting of Rent - Rent is collected monthly, usually on the first of the month.  Flexible due dates are available when needed. Tenants have options to pay online or via mail. All rent received by the end of the month will be accounted for in a monthly settlement to the owner the following month.

  • Monthly Reports - Monthly settlement reports include accounting of rent and any other applicable income or reimbursements, management fees, maintenance, cleaning and other expenses received the prior month. 

  • End of Year Reports - Owners receive an end of year report for tax purposes.

  • Inspections - An Oregon Experience conducts interior inspections and updates owners on any needed repairs, as well as ensuring that tenants are not actively breaking any lease agreements in their care of the property. 

  • Management of Maintenance and Repairs - An Oregon Experience offers flexibility in management of maintenance and repairs. We seek owner approval for maintenance and repairs that are over $250, unless there is an emergency requiring immediate attention. We work with our owners to repair, maintain and protect your investment in the way that works best for you.

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